I’m SaGa243 on pretty much everthing. My husband and I have been married for six and a half years. I’m a stay at home mom to two amazing boys, 4 and 2.

Some of my favorite activities/hobbies include writing, reading, crafting, baking, movie dates with Hubby, and playing with my boys.

I’m originally from Nebraska where I grew up on a large ranch. My family ran a horse rescue for almost ten years, and I am still very proud of the work we did there. I love animals and cherished the ones I met through the rescue and growing up.

As my main goal for this site,  I hope to provide people with inspiration. Inspiration whether it be in the form of a new recipe, a new activity to do with your toddler/baby, or as a writer. I want to promote FUN and MESS. Delicious baked goods as well as tasty meals. I want you to be inspired to try something new and to learn!

As a side note, I love feedback! Positive, negative, (WITHIN REASON), and constructive. I want to hear from you! If you tell me you like a post, tell me why you like it. If you have a varying experience or opinion tell me! I want to hear from you!


2 thoughts on “About

    • Howdy Heather! If you type “create a wordpress blog” into Google that should take you where you need to go. I know there are some other sites that might be a little easier but I’ve always used this and I love it.

      Once you get one up and going send me a link and I’ll help you spread the word. 🙂 Good luck.

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