Refuge: Sneak Peak



Lucky couldn’t see. He was completely blind. He knew he should be panicking, but his mind felt sluggish. He blinked his eyes a few times, but nothing changed. The impenetrable yellow haze stayed no matter what he did. He couldn’t feel much either- except an almost overwhelming sense of hunger. He tried to curse but nothing escaped his lips. He tried to wave his hand in front of his face, but it didn’t respond. Slightly irritated he focused all he could get of his brain to bend his elbow enough so his fingers could touch his mouth. His hand smacked into his nose. At least I have a mouth…and a nose. Food. The thought was so intense that Lucky lost his train of thought for a few minutes and everything went dark.

The first thing he wanted to do when he got his thoughts in order again was to eat. Food. His legs wouldn’t move, and they felt foreign and weighted. He realized he was uncomfortably warm also. He felt his arms move and suddenly the heat let up. His nose picked up a smell right then, and his stomach rumbled. He wanted to go to the food. He took a step. Overjoyed he tried to let out a holler, but his mouth only released a moan. Food.

I’m a freaking zombie. Shit. Brooke is so going to kill me… again, I guess. Re-kill? He tried to shake his head in confusion. Food. He realized he couldn’t smell the food anymore and that he had only taken the one step. He was so confused. He closed his sightless eyes and focused again, but this time on walking. He felt like it took him ages for the one little thought to process and for his legs to move, but then he felt himself fall. He tried to brace himself, but his arms were useless. Food. He felt his face slam into a cool floor. He groaned. Suddenly, he heard a voice say his name.

“Braiden?” It sounded so distant to him. He felt like he had noise canceling headphones on and the person was a mile away. He tried to say Brooke’s name but he made no sound.

Brooke! Help me! My body hates me! He tried screaming but he only moaned again. He felt a hand on his forehead. Food. He was so hungry! He’d never been this hungry. I’m NOT asking her for food right now! Freaking body! Lucky felt himself fall again, though he didn’t remember standing or sitting. A sharp pain ran through his head and he moaned. When he opened his eyes, he could see! Then, he froze in terror.

Brooke was lying on a paved road in front of him, a chunk of flesh ripped from her throat. Blood was soaking the front of her t shirt; her glazed eyes staring at him in a mixture of horror, sorrow, and revulsion. He looked down at himself and he was covered in blood, his mouth, he realized, still chewing. He tried screaming but he just let out a groan. Lucky closed his eyes and tried to make it go away. Food. Before he blacked out again, he smelled the aroma of cooking meat.





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