Character Contest-Pinterest

I entered a writing contest on Pinterest. Tried thinking up a few different ones until this one popped into my head.

From the world of Harry Potter, I give you……..(drum roll)  Adaliah Roseth!

11 month old Adaliah Roseth stared up in curiosity at the man hovering over her crib. Her strawberry blonde hair was longer than it should be for a child her age. She watched with intense grey eyes as the dark haired man smiled at her. She grinned back as he spoke.

“You have no idea, little one, the future that was laid out for you.”

She cooed in response as another man entered the room.

“Harry, I mean, uh, Mr. Potter sir.” A young Auror stuttered. Harry was used to it by now.

“Yes, Grayson?” He addressed the young man.

“Are you sure it’s her sir? The one from the prophecy?”

Before Harry had a chance to answer, the clock struck 6. Suddenly Adaliah’s hair changed to a deep shade of black and her eye color melted into a startling blue. Harry looked down at the girl sadly.

“Yes. This is her.”

As the men prepared to leave, Harry paused and brushed a loose strand of hair from the now 1 year old’s face. “I’m sorry you had to have this fate. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.”

He gazed at her a moment then his robes billowed as he turned and exited the house, disappearing into the night.


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